Friday, November 19, 2010

Goin' to the Chapel...

...or museum, whatever. We've set a date! July 16, 2011. In the great city of Chattanooga, on the bluff overlooking the Tennessee River, at the Hunter Museum of American Art. We couldn't be more excited! We think it fits our personalities and careers quite well and can't wait to share the place with our family and friends.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Lieu of My Lack of Blogging...

Check out others who do a really good job at it! Check out Pete+Zoe featured on Style Blue Print, a blog out of Nashville.

I'll get back into blogging soon...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A New Chapter

Almost to the day, I have been here at Whyte-Kerner Environmental Graphics & Design for 5 years! I even worked contract a few months prior to my "first" day being full time. I cannot imagine where I would be without Whyte-Kerner over these years, but this is my last week here! I have accepted a new position at Perkins+Will, and I'm very excited to be a part of their team.

Yesterday we enjoyed a delightful lunch at Livingston on the porch of the Georgian Terrace. I will miss our very convenient location on Peachtree, but especially the people inside our office. We shared space with JonesPierce Architects, and Insight Design, and I will miss them all very much as well!

The opportunity at Whyte-Kerner was one that I will never forget and always cherish. The experience I have gained and the relationships I have formed are priceless. I'm very excited to begin the next chapter in my professional life! Thank you to Robbie, Bonnie, and Lou.

Atlanta Botanical Garden's Donor Recognition Wall was one of my favorite projects to work on:

Another favorite project of mine was Arabia Mountain High School, Georgia's first LEED certified public school, designed by Perkins+Will, ironically:

Here are some of my favorite logo designs:
Here I am at Robbie's 50th birthday "hat" party! I will miss you girls!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bobbi Likes Freckles

For the past 12 years, I had always used make-up by Prescriptives. Simple, clean, and certainly under the radar. Sadly, maybe too much under the radar. They are no longer.

So my quest to find a new make-up brand began. It started at CVS, buying some quick temporary fixes like the Neutrogena Healthy Skin (You know, the commercial with Jennifer Garner's flawless skin, and the claim that 98% of women agree that their skin felt healthier after using it). So I gave it a try. Not too bad for $12.99.

Now it's time...I've used every scrap of Prescriptives make-up I had left. My concealer compact looks like it's been licked clean. Time to move on. Hello Bobbi Brown. My sisters use her make-up and always endorse it to me. I've had her "pale pink" blush for a while now, and I love it. Now I'm replenishing my make-up bag with all of her stuff. I went to her website, and check out the fun use of typography in the header. Good make-up and good design. She loves natural beauty, even girls with freckles like me!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Traveling the World of Paper

I love visiting the paper sections of Sam Flax and Binders. Multitudes of colors, shades, weights, patterns, envelopes, die cut cards, and folders spark all kinds of creativity. Paper Source can even be sensory overload sometimes for me! Being the paper nerd that I am, I even love a trip to Office Depot or Staples. Legal pads, Sharpies, and Manila Folders are such iconic items in the world of paper, they are still exciting to me.

So, while I'm traveling around the Atlanta circuit of art supply stores, my brother-in-law Tyson is really traveling the world of paper. He is officially in Manila, Phillippines, the namesake of Manila Folders! Yep, that's right folks, the manila component of the name comes from manila hemp or abacá from which Manila Folders were originally made. Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is one of the main producers of abacá.

I never knew the connection myself. I wish the best of luck to Tyson, exploring the city of Manila for the next 3 weeks, knowing that you will find and see many more interesting things than the native Manila Folder. If you do come across the real deal, feel free to bring one back for me.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sneak Peek

Another wedding in Highlands, North Carolina is fast approaching. This wedding is at the The Farm at Old Edwards Inn. I just finished assembling the invitations yesterday and wanted to give you a sneak peek. Next week I will lay out the entire invitation with its envelopes and reply cards. Have a great weekend!